Goods • Cost 2

Your posse has a +1 draw bonus while this dude is in a shootout.

React: Before you take casualties, if this dude is in your posse, ace this card to reduce your casualties by two.

"The heart of a wild beast is the same as a tame one It's the claws you have to watch out for." -Three-Eyes Hawk
• Marcel Stobinski • Ghost Town #25
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Jhandy27. 2/5. This is claim soak with an auto revolver. I can definitely see a deck running these as they make your dude more resilient in a fight and if the fight goes badly, you don’t lose your dude. A simple but effective card.

Nu_Fenix. I have been trying this with Three-Eyed Hawk, and found it to be very good, even though she doesn’t need the React. Ideally attach this to a stud, as discarding after they draw plus casualty absorption is great. It is like every dude bringing along their own Travis Moone, except that if this friend dies , up to three more can turn up before you worry about your actual dudes taking a bullet.

Doomdog. 4/5. A new sidekick that is part of Ghost Town’s extra sidekick support. The Mountain Lion is like bringing an extra draw bullet dude to the fight with you, and if things go south, sacrifice the lion to protect your dudes. Yep, if you like Hot Lead Flyin’, then you’re going to love the Mountain Lion. With sidekicks and sidekick tech on twos and sixes there’s definitely now deck potential there.

Chefonk. 4/5. This is one of Ghost Town’s new sidekicks. The draw bonus and the ability are nice, but nothing fancy. Overall just a solid card. Unfortunately, if you wish to play an Eagle Warden sidekick deck, the two on-value dudes only work with spirits. So a Spirit/Sidekick deck may have to rely on neutral or out-of-faction dudes when playing 6s as a main value. It is also on value with Hot Lead Flyin’, which might be the way to go with Eagle Warden sidekicks. Other deck types should consider this because of its general utility.

Jedilanni. 2/5. Lose to win decks for Eagle Warden receive a boost and another reason to go lower on values.