Spell • Cost 0

Noon Hex 7, Boot: Look at one or two random cards in an opponent's hand. You may ace this card to ace a non-unique card you looked at.

"Doctor... Hawley is behing it all... and it's far worse than we thought." -Lillian Morgan
Neutral • Grzegorz Bobrowski • Ghost Town #30 | Weird West Edition #190
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Jhandy27. 4/5. I love this card for hex decks that don’t need Raising Hell as seeing 2 cards in your opponents hand sometimes equals seeing your opponents entire hand. If Rico has showed us anything it’s that seeing your opponents hand can be devastating. The acing is just the icing on the cake. Use either Tattooed Man or Ivor to recycle this and you’ve got one heck of of an irritating card on your hands.

Nu_Fenix. I would use this in a Hex deck if it only had the first half of its ability. With Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) the second half of the ability gets crazy. Want to know if the last couple of cards in your opponent’s hand are actions that could dramatically alter your impending shootout? Well, why not spoil the surprise! I would avoid using this early in the turn as seeing a deed or dude that they are about to play next would be a waste. Without Ivor, I would run two copies in every Hex deck as an off value if you don’t want K’s. Once you have one in play, the second copy may not do much unless you ace one of them to ace a revealed card.

Doomdog. 5/5. This spell could be incredibly powerful! It lets you see your opponent’s hand, potentially damage their draw structure, and if you’re lucky remove key actions like Kidnappin’s and Cheatin’ Resolutions. With Experienced Ivor and The Whateley Estate (both also on Kings) you can get it back after use, while The Tattooed Man will save it from being aced. Yet another annoying hex to add to the clowns’ bag of tricks.

Chefonk. 5/5. What an awesome, really powerful card. Card knowledge is huge and getting rid of a cheating resolution or any other nasty surprise before a major shoot-out might be crucial. Zero cost, a pretty low difficulty, and K value just adds to this card being all around great. There really is not more to say to be honest. With this, K is a viable value for 4th Ring Huckster Control decks especially with Ivor Hawley Exp. bringing this spell back from Boot Hill or The Whateley Estate making sure it will still be in your deck for your draw structure. This is one of those cards that will be of use in some way every time you draw it.

Jedilanni. 5/5. I really hate this card. Why? Giving more toys to the circus gives them another way to control the game. Rico, Cookin‘, Whateley Estate, Ivor exp. 1, and the Tattooed Man all take advantage of this card or have a way to magnify its ability. Don’t forget it’s a king value with a low difficulty.