Goods • Cost 1
Horse • Gadget 4

If Iron Mole is at an Out of Town deed, increase that deed's production by 1.

Noon, Boot: Move this dude to an Out of Town deed.

Shootout, Boot: If this dude is at an Out of Town deed, this dude joins your posse (moving if necessary).

• Unique Soparie • Hell's Comin' With Me #40
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Sometimes on the design side of things you get yourself in a spot. "I want another gadget horse, but what can it DO that is different than what we already have?"

Enter the Iron Mole.

While not much mining is going on these days around Gomorra, or Tombstone, or Deadwood, the advantages of mechanology can still pay off to increase production.

And while the dude running the drill cannot contest in town locations with ease, should a ruckus break out, she can goose enough speed out of the Iron Mole to come to the rescue.