Banditslide 2.0 (Livonia, MI Sheriff Event Winner)

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Kahkalack 110

Slight update to my original Banditslide deck posted last week that won the 9/19/15 Sheriff Tournament in Livonia, MI at RIW Hobbies. It's your basic dudes and deeds with the 108 Righteous Bandits.

I went 5-0 in swiss and 2-0 in elimination to win it. I faced 1 Law Dogs, 1 108 Righteous Bandits, and 5 Fourth Ring. I had issues with a couple of the Fourth Ring decks, but for the most part nobody ran enough cards to call out my dudes at home to really threaten me. The biggest issue I had was having to deal with 4 Election Day Slaughters in one game, but I never saw a judge, arsenal deck, or a single copy of kidnappin', which I'm thankful for.

All-stars of the deck were T'ou Chi Chow, Rumors, Fancy New Hat, Androcles Brocklehurst, and of course the 108 House Card.

T'ou Chi Chow is a beast. There's no way around it. I'm usually able to play him for 5 or less, and once he's in play, I can easily outmaneuver just about any deck out there. Even with Paralysis Marks and Shadow Walks, I never felt like my dudes weren't safe with him on the board. I swapped out Reserves for Rumors before the tournament and that was a game changer for sure. Having a couple Rumors in my hand at the end of a game sealed the deal on at least one occasion. Fancy New Hat was my protection against Blood Curse and Old Man McDroste, and it came in handy more than I anticipated. Androcles has been around forever, but his usefulness can't be overstated. He was often the difference between playing an extra dude or deed every turn he was in play.

The 108 house card and starting posse is what really gives them a step up on MCC for this type of deck. You have a bigger hand, built in protection with hamshanks, mobility (which means safety), and the extra super-cheap, 0 influence starting dudes to ace off in the case of things like Election Day Slaughter.

Sep 20, 2015 tbowers13

Hiram Capatch also seems pretty clutch for making sure you get your income during the upkeep phase. Just making sure because you're wording was a bit vague, do you know that you don't start the game with 6 cards in hand due to Randall's trait? Wish you did, but its been ruled that you always start the game with 5 cards, not your max hand size. Great deck idea though!

Sep 20, 2015 Kahkalack

@tbowers13 Yep 5 cards first turn, but 6 from there on out.

Honestly Hiram's ability never really did much for me. He's nice in that he's a 3 cost 1 influence dude, but opponents were usually smart enough to keep dudes unbooted at any deed I could contest, and I can't risk a shootout.

I could see situations where he would work better. I just never really got to see him shine.

Sep 21, 2015 Kahkalack

I also want to add that after seeing what worked and didn't work well in the tournament, even after going 7-0, there are some small changes I'd make.

For the most part, 2-CP deeds did nothing but help my opponent. They had a limited amount of dudes with influence to hold deeds and they'd obviously always hold those, which just made it that much harder for me to win. I'd replace all the 2-CP deeds with 1-CP deeds.

Sep 23, 2015 LordManHammer

Well done - clever to build a deedslide deck with this outfit and utilizing the dudes abilities! Congratulations on a great deck.

Sep 23, 2015 Csonti

How do you dealt with the situation when you had to play without T'ou Chi Chow? There is only a single copy of him in the deck so chances are high that you won't find him in your hand soon enough or at all during some games. Without him it looks quite easy for the opponent to push your dudes back to their home and control the whole board.

Sep 23, 2015 Kahkalack

@Csonti I did debate running 2 copies of T'out Chi Chow and I might still modify the deck to do so. That being said, I did win 4 of the 7 games without getting him into play, and one of the games where I did, my opponent cast Forget on him every turn.

The deck starts with 0 upkeep in play on purpose, so with lowball I'm getting 4 GR per turn even if my opponent takes all my deeds in the early game, and on average my opponents are only going to have 2-3 dudes with influence that can deny me upkeep (at least early on). I usually did just keep all of my dudes at home, because I never had to do anything else.

I played dudes and deeds at a pace that my opponents dudes couldn't keep up with. The fact that the deck wins lowball 95% of the time helps a lot as well. One Good Turn is a huge boost to the economy when it goes off also, and it usually does against shootout decks with tight draw structures (IE: most decks I ran into).

Sep 23, 2015 doomofthepeople

The deck made me regret not working in ways to call out dudes. I probably stifled his economy the best I could, my loose draw structure allowed me to win at least 2 low ball hands and I can't remember if you got One Good Turn… to trigger, but I don't think you did. He was still able to put pace me on control and influence.

Sep 23, 2015 Kahkalack

In no way is the deck going to be without it's bad matchups. If I'd run into an exp. judge for example, I'd have pretty much been screwed unless I was able to ramp up incredibly fast and win early.

The meta as it stands is a lot of 4R control, and against that, I have a pretty good match-up. Most decks that I've ran into need to add something to counter my deck if they want to beat it consistently, and if they do that they'll be weakening themselves against the rest of the field. As much as I just wanted to make a cool dudes & deeds deck I also think my tournament win was as much a product of it's environment and the current meta.