Horror beyond all imagination

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jaythejester 455

Jesters Industries here again, with a Spoookey Halloween special. Watch the nightmare unfold as the Sanitarium staff put patients out of their suffering, filling up the Cemetery Masoleum.

So, here is the deal. This deck is a terrifying mess of cards designed to give massive bonuses for killing your opponents dudes in a shootout. How massive? Let’s count the ways. If they are Jasper Stones target, +1 cp, another +1 for each Corporeal Twist, the Mausoleum gets +1 cp as well. The Cemetery can also get +1 CP, from a high grit dude aced as a casualty. A single shootout round in your favor could mean your opponents influence is lowered while you go up several control points yourself. The right placed shotgun blast can end a game very quick, so to be able to ace higher grit dudes, this deck is packed with value reducers, between your outifit, starting dudes Micah (xp1) and Christine, spells, and the Stone Idol, it’s likely no dude is really safe.

The starting Influence is much higher than 1. Your home can make any of your dudes +1 influence, Jake is +2 end of day, and Ambrose can use his ability to get a point of influence and can sometimes let you use your home ability a second time, so realistically will work like 5 or 6 starting Influence.

Side note: Some of the combos in this deck take some careful consideration to make work. In particular, I'm Your Huckleberry can work well with Corporeal Twist, but when used on a Jasper Stone target will cause the dude to no longer be an opponent, so will not trigger a CP bonus if you ace the controlled dude. It can be used though to help casualties end up on the right dudes. Be aware though that using it when opponents have a single dude posse will immediately end the shootout. Also, While Stone can help ramp up your bullet rating and control points when target dudes get aced, the +2 bullet bonus only helps your shooter get a better hand, but won’t help fire your shotgun. Be carefull with Stones draw back when on the attack as well.

Oct 21, 2018 jordan caldwell