Prelude to Twilight Event Frankie Fast Hands 3rd/4th Place

published Dec 02, 2018 | | |
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kollatt 496

Partially inspired by Frank Stole Well that took the Edinburgh Abomination Series, but utilizing the 5-card rotating combo of Frank/Ike/Makaio/Jimmy and Five Aces. Steal cash with Frank and run away. If they won't let you into TS or their deeds, boot him on Five Aces and let Jimmy sit there turning it into a cheaper Companhurst's. Ike can power Jimmy's potent trait once he starts moving around, and Makaio can move Frank's accumulated bounty around to your better shooters to help move them in with your core deed when it's time to fight. This deck doesn't start aggressive, but rather builds up a solid pile of cash and then swarms with cheap studs and dorks to "cheat through the pain" and come out ahead. The lack of attachment control was an issue, so it might need some noodling. Thanks for the games Ian, Pat, Joe, Rob and Tom!

Dec 06, 2018 Harlath

Thanks for the thoughts and nice to see environments cross pollinating with people putting their own spins on things. Congratulations and hope you had fun, appreciate the thoughts on what didn't work (albeit with a good holster deck in the mix, sometimes it just comes town to lowball). As ever, appreciate decks being shared and hope Frank Stillwell was an irritant to people! :)