Stable Economy

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shekky_ducky 79

First, sorry for the pun. Second, I love playing this deck. The economy is amazing when it gets going. I've played games where my stash exceeded 40GR! Prof. Eustace True is the MVP of revenue generation, inventing the Disgenuine Currency Presses that keep this ship afloat. Use his ability to discard the Press for a card draw, move to and take control of an opportune deed, then use the home ability to draw ANOTHER card and discard something less desirable from your play hand. With your second noon play you can call out an unsuspecting opponent, maneuver one of your more battle-ready dudes into position, or invent another press for MORE $$$!

Technological Exhibition and Doomsday Supply help you dig out those Presses if you don't get them in your starting hand. Post-a-Tron is there for backup cash generation in case you're desperate for it, but don't expect him to do much of the heavy lifting. I've added a Hero's Passing to help capitalize on his inevitable doom. Hopefully, he generates a little cash before he crashes into your boot hill.

Lucky starts off with Marty, leaving her free to act as a backup inventor when Prof. True is away on his travels and giving you 1 casualty's worth of leeway in case of early aggression from your less wealthy opponents.

So how does this deck win? Good question! You may have noticed there are only 6 deeds with 4 CP between them. Though I mostly use Technological Exhibition to target my home and grab cash, it can, theoretically, give you the edge here. However, running that job in the town square is extraordinarily risky in the early game. You'll want lots of leverage in the form of your stud-making gadgets and draw hand manipulation (Decimator Array/Devil's Six Gun/Comin' Up Roses). At that point you'll probably have invented most of your gadgets. If you're going to put CP on gadgets in this deck I strongly suggest using the Plasma Drill, Force Field, and/or Analytical Cognisizer which serves no purpose in this deck but to unboot your MS and give you a card.

Feb 27, 2019 Harlath

Top punning deck name, and good work on tackling the "How does it win?" issue. Not everything needs to be designed for winning tournament games in just under an hour after all. Sometimes it is fun to just sit on a big stack of cash.

Mar 01, 2019 jaythejester

There is no way to describe playing against this deck. The moment you think you understand whats happening Doomsday Supply is discarded, Lucky boots to play Decimator Array on a booted dude, unbooting a different mad scientist dude, and Marty unboots Lucky.