A Mob of Abomb

published Dec 31, 2019 | | |
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Willisbatman 34

So I have been playing this deck for the past two weeks and it's been doing pretty okay for what it is I am thinking about adding Jasper Stone to the mix as I think going into shootouts solo is a strength of this deck and can have a great payoff with little to no risk also it starts six influence with more available if you go to the town square also Mason Adler should not leave your hand without a Hawley's Rose to go onto him you . Any thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome thanks everyone

Dec 31, 2019 jordan caldwell

If you add Jasper Stone, how will you earn the Ace over the Discard?

Point Blank?

Dec 31, 2019 Willisbatman

@jordan caldwell you are a mind reader ( with a hope of the shootout having another round so I can use Rosenbaum's Golem on my shooter or I could use the golem to combo with the outfit ) also ...It's who you know might be a good fit in this deck which is kinda crazy for a abomb deck .