Amazing Rhetoric, or is it Fiery Grace, take 2

published Jan 20, 2020 | | |
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Bojangles 12

Okay, take 2! Again, this is a draft, and is still open for tailoring!

The outfit is a choice between Justice In Exile and Law Dogs. It seems to be fitting together better now, although there are still weaknesses with it. I am aiming for a legal full house in shootouts, and currently have 14 of values 9, 10 and 10 of Q.

The main way I want to operate the deck is to give out lots of bounties, but ideally keep most of the opposing dudes alive - alive but inactive. The reason for this is because of the main way (of two) that I plan to bring about the end-game - by clearing out the town square and then doing Fiery Rhetoric just before sundown. The other way is by having several dudes on different deeds, just slightly too low in influence to take them. Then, when the time is right, play a well-timed Amazing Grace to boost all their influences over the line and claim several deeds at once.

Because of this, I aim to avoid killing too many dudes in shootouts. Instead I want to send dudes home booted, and only discard enough to end the shootout (and to claim the bounty off them).

I think my dudes look like they'll work together much better now, thanks to the advice of @Jordan_Caldwell and @Benni. I would like to boost their influence a bit more, though, ideally getting to an average of around 1.5 per dude. I have 2 dudes who bring the average down a bit, but they are fairly important to the deck. As far as my starting posse goes, I have Stewart Davidson down as a possibility instead of Lucinda "Lucy" Clover, but I plan on testing them both out.

I think I may have too many cheatin' resolution abilities, and not enough shootout or resolution abilities, and perhaps need some more "send home booted" cards.

Anyway, now that you know my basic strategy idea, if anyone has any suggestions, they'll be greatly appreciated!

Regards, Bojangles