Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 2 • Cost 2 • Upkeep 1

If your opponent in Lucy's shootout reveals a cheatin' hand, raise the bounty on each dude in their posse by 1 (including from 0 to 1).

"The storm took everything from that girl. Not much scares her anymore." - Abram Grothe
Law Dogs • Cristian Chihaia • Base Set #15
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Lucinda "Lucy" Clover is semi-useful as a cheap way to get 2 influence on the board as a Law Dogs player, at any stage of the game. Law dogs are not blessed with many cheap influence cards so this is important.

Her trait is nice to add bounty to the opposing posse, but really, truly, just forget it exists as she she is not at all suited to joining shootouts. She is easy meat for Soul Blasts, Shotguns and opponents can easily Puppet her due to her low grit.

She is often used in conjunction with the Law Dogs original home ability to "boot for bounty" and her high influence comes in handy here.

I would rate her more highly if she had the Deputy keyword, but she doesnt, so is less useful than say Constance Daughtry who can additionally unboot after adding bounty via the Law Dogs original home card and has potentially a third influence point in the right deck.

My advice: Go with Constance Daughtry, unless you are strapped for ghost rock.

Pros: Cheap influence.

Cons: Hopeless shooter, low value, low grit.

Combos with: Law Dogs original outfit.