Point Black

published Sep 02, 2022 | | |
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jaythejester 460

Jesters I. llc is digging through the massive back log of work piling up on our desk. This deck is built with the exciting but so far rarely seen used Black Hills Guardians.

To start, obviously Holy Ground tech is very useful to this outfit. I opted not to start Kiva of Fathomless Reach. It proved only to slow the decks start, and the ability less important if you have dudes springing into shootouts. I didn't find it useful as a Holy Grounds location since it was usually far better to just engage with your warriors directly.

The draw structure is 15-14-12 on 7-Q-K. Off value cards are Bloody Teeth, who is very strong with your bounce in ability because he is harrowed, Ricochet for surprise CR, Guiding Wind combos strong with Enapay but can pull it's weight against high bullet low influence opponents.

Point Blank is a heavy hitter in this deck since you can bring your studs in unbooted.