Deed • Control 0 • Cost 1 • Production 0
Core • Private • Holy Ground

React, Boot: After victory is checked during Sundown, move your dude to town square.

"The Hopi of this area are unsure how far its depths extend, and believe a kachina may have built it." -Tawodi
Neutral • Donald Crank • Hell's Comin' With Me #33
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An eleventh hour add in to answer the question, “when are the first peoples getting a Core Deed?”

The challenge was how do you do a core deed for FP that fits their themes and doesn’t become the next Spirit Fortress?

Lots of my bad ideas got smashed by my playtesters, thank goodness.

So here we support Holy Grounds and Town Square dominance.

The timing was courtesy of Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles.

Makes sure you have someone in town square to start next turn. As long as you are not worried about blocking / protecting income, you can recover a dude who would be “stranded” on a deed next turn.

And you can still throw some Silver Pheasant's Bounty on it to turn it into a money maker. Or hit it with some CP from the Office of Ancestral Affairs.