Action • Cost 0

Noon: Choose your dude and an opposing dude in the same location. If your dude has more control points, boot all cards attached to the opposing dude. If your dude has more influence, boot the opposing dude. If your dude has more bounty, call out the opposing dude.

"Small town, Hawley. I'm sure we'll bump into each other again." -Nicodemus Whateley
• Marcel Stobinski • Ghost Town #39
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Nu_Fenix. Wow, that is a lot of text to take in. To make the most of this, I would look at one aspect of this and focus on it. Want to stop them using spells and goods, use Meet the New Boss. Want to boot dudes, think about high influence dudes and Fancy New Hat. Want to call out dudes at their home (as you would otherwise call them out), use Desolation Row or the core Law Dogs outfit.

Doomdog. 4/5. Could be a useful card for a Desolation Row deck to close a game by going after dudes turtling at home and combining the call out with the added ‘Unprepared’ ability. Nicodemus and Chief Seven-Eagles could also make good use of this card as a defensive measure, so it could fit into a Spirit Fortress deck or anything making use of those two dudes. You could use Meet the New Boss to make this card effective for a whole bunch of your dudes.

Chefonk. 4/5. Each of the three effects are nice, but the fact that they can be combined all in one noon play is awesome. Having more control points requires a bit of setup as not many dudes can have control points on their own, but if you manage to have at least one booting all attached cards this can win shootouts or even games ala Unprepared. Influence and bounty are easier to obtain and the possibility to boot and than call-out dudes makes this card really useful. Everyone except little Jake Smiley left home to start trouble in the town? Pay him a visit and glance him into his early grave. All possible effects are quite situational but at least one of them will probably be helpful sooner or later. Being a K and 0 GR means that this can be included in almost every deck which can meet some of it’s requirements.

Jhandy27. 4/5. Probably the sleeper card in this set in my opinion. I can see this winning a few games the turn it’s played by any of its effects. Boot every gadget a Morgan monster has before he calls your booted Allie. Booting a dude that you don’t want to move anywhere else. Or calling someone out because you have a bounty cough Sloane cough. Also note that the effects will happen in order so if they have more Influence and bounty than you, they will boot you before calling you out. Definitely going to be seen in a variety of decks from aggro to control.