Building Bounty County

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mysticpickle44 727

This is a Landslide-style Law Dogs deck relying on Bounty Hunters to trade favorably against the other player's dudes. Like most landslide decks the shooting structure is fairly poor focusing primarily on Ks-6s-8s-Qs (10-7-7-6). The structure definitely out punches traditional landslide decks as with enough bullets you still have a pretty solid shot at landing a full house or better. You'll usually want to aim for the highest legal hand you can muster unless your only shootout trick is Takin' Ya With Me in which case you want to go for the lowest legal hand if you won't lose too many dudes in exchange.

The basic strategy is to dump deeds and as their dudes come in to control them , spread bounties on them with the Law Dogs Home ability and sic your Bounty Hunters on them. You likely won't win shootouts by hand ranks but you will trade favorably by using action cards like of Faster on the Draw combined with Takin' Ya With me, and Point Blank on your bounty hunters. Remember with landslide decks you want to outlast so don't be too eager for shootouts until you have the right action cards to go for a good trade.


Your basic starting Landslide posse (Androcles, Clementine, Jake) but with Andrew Burton and Gomorra Jail in addition. Use Andrew immediately to throw a bounty on one of their important dudes and cycle a card.

Angelica, Ramiro, Steven Wiles are used to help pick off important dudes with Faster on the Draw/Point Blank/Takin' Ya With Me once they're strung up along your deeds. Wylie Jenks and Sheriff Dave generally provide influence and security at home but can also be used to pick off dudes to finish off the game. The rest of the dudes are relatively low upkeep influence vehicles to keep you in the game long enough for you bounty hunters to wear them down.


Faster on the Draw synergizes particularly well with the other action cards as it lowers a dudes bullet rating to put them in range of Point Blank from a gunslinger or Takin' Ya With me (if you reduce a dude to 0-bullets) if the gunslinger happens to bite it! Even Andrew Burton can fire off a Point Blank with Faster on the Draw! A single Coachwhip! (thanks for the suggestion mplain! :D) is a little something to keep folks on their toes about Cheatin'.


These are mostly cheap control points to force the opponent into spreading out their dudes to keep from losing. The saloons provide safe production with Clementine Lepp camping there. Mostly they serve to set up the positioning that makes your Bounty Hunter/Point Blank/Takin' Ya With Me combos shine. Be sure to use Gomorra Jail at least once as it will eventually force them away from your other production deeds!


Landslide style decks thrive on letting the opponent grab their deeds while stacking influence to keep from losing. Fancy New Hat is just about the cheapest real influence you can get for the money. Try to spread them out on your lower influence dudes so you don't lose too much to a Kidnappin' or other kill job!

Jun 19, 2015 qkieu

Hey mysticpickle44, big fan =)

Have you ever considered Too Much Attention in such deck? I am currently testing 2 in my Morgan landslide deck (along with 2 The Evidence and all those Kidnappin' flying around some dudes are always wanted ;) ) and they are working out pretty good. Easy to cycle when not needed (you can always target a random deed) and in the late game they serve an important purpose: to open up Town Square. Usually wanted Travis guards it - he has zero influence so opponents like to leave him there, as he stops your chess-like shenanigans when it comes to winning the control points game via movement. Of course what works in my classic Landslide doesn't have to be needed in Landslide with better draw structure.

On paper I am not the biggest fan of Angelica, but obv I didn't play your deck... yet! On the other hand, Wendy is fantastic in Landslide decks. Her built in Pistol Whip on steroids is extremely difficult to deal with when you are also packing Takin' Ya With Me. It is a severe complication for the opponent in regard to movement, which is always nice =) But I know that Angelica is much much cheaper than Wendy.

I love the single Coachwhip, this is exact the amount I am running in my Landslide. Not to much to hinder your draws but sneaky enough to bite the opponent in the worst time possible.

I don't like B&B Attorneys in such deck, the opponents can camp it (even boot-move ther ASAP) to throw some stones in your Bounty Hunters gears. At least theoretically ;-)

Just my 2 Ghost Rock after brief read, I will test this deck on my next DT game evening and will get back with some more thoughts. Good effort, I like it! =)

Jun 19, 2015 mysticpickle44

@qkieu Too Much Attention would fit really well in this type of deck though you'd have to give up some dudes or deeds to throw a few of them in there! Often times it is just cheap 0-influence dude that holds the gates to town square and a way to open them up would be really awesome! Great suggestion man! :D

Xiong "Wendy" Cheng would be a pretty solid fit in here too and a perfectly good replacement for Angélica Espinosa! Wendy would be great way to kick out their bullet soak dudes in shootout so they have to lose a more valuable one to Takin' Ya With Me! The only sad thing is she wouldn't be able to fire off Point Blank if she does that though (unless we're running Missed! too hahaha)!

As I've played this deck more I do see that B&B Attorneys has bitten me more often than it has helped when I've dropped it early! I generally try to play it last whenever possible. I just hope they release some more cheap 2 or 1 cost deeds soon to replace it!