Con4Rol - Sheriffs Event Winner (undefeated)

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The circus of value - [updated for faith and fear] 1 4 1
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yoshi 103

A regular 4R deck good at shooting, 13/14/14 of 8/J/Q

Starting posse is good on influence, has two Huckster 1 to spread the risk and Brute+Travis for the regular stuff.

Get a few hexes on the Hucksters to control the board and turn on Hex Slingin'. Not much Ghost Rock is needed and not many bullets to make good shootout hands. Go get the opponent's key dudes, boot their influence out of position, and finish off with Blood Curse (-1 inf) and Rumors if necessary, in other words: standard 4R control

SKill pulls will succeed almost always, even Blood Curse succeeds on an 8 with starting Hucksters.

Went 4-0 in Stockholms Sheriffs event beating Desolation Row, 4R, 4R and Law Dogs with Judge (exp1).