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goreshde 467

Important Note, the Summoning is really Magic Fingers, DTDB had not been updated yet when I built this.

This deck when 3-0 in a recent Deputy event.

We just got the bine box this Monday, and this was my first attempt at a Den of Thieves Deck. Magic Fingers really stood out as a power card to me... so I made a deck that uses 2 of them. The deck is really shootie, but has a weak starting lineup of shooters. Just wait until you establish a little bit and then go crazy. The idea is you get Maria jacked up on your grifter bounty and then push people around. Once she has 4 bounty Mirror Mirror's debuff it a guarantee and no one wants to mess with you. Often I would start the game with 11 Ghost rock (6 starting + 1 for lowball +3 from income +1 from Outfit). Man, was that awesome. I would buy everything I could and wait a turn. Once Maria was voltroned up I would assert my dominance and after a couple of shootouts win. Having a dude that could reliably turn their best shooter into a 1 draw was nasty. I saw a lot some shotguns, but with Magic Fingers or Mirror Mirror she was safe.
New Sloane saw play once... and she was a beast. Kidnapping and new Sloane are crazy good for each other.
Another downside is that the deck is far to focused on Maria. I am tempted to drop 2s (but keep Mirror Mirror) so other Huckster have a better chance at casting.

Oct 06, 2015 Kahkalack

This looks awesome. I'm working on a DoT deck without hexes, but I can't deny how amazing Hex Slingin' is combined with the house ability and Barton Everest.

I agree that maybe dropping 2's and switching to something like 8s might make sense. You swap Bottom Dealin' for This'll Hurt in the Mornin', throw in some Steven Wiles, and swap out Mirror, Mirror for Paralysis Mark.

Just my 2 cents.

Oct 06, 2015 goreshde

Mirror Mirror is a once a turn Sun in your eyes. Out of all my tricks and spells, it gave my opponents the most problems. I would not get rid of it.

It being a low to mid value hex deck I don't trust Paralysis mark. Against a lot of decks I won't be able to reliably boot their dudes. That is the main reason I kept 2s instead of 8s.

It is not a perfect deck, but it was fun.

Oct 07, 2015 Gozik

Nice build. What have you faced at tournament? Do you use new jokers or not?