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yoshi 103

Values: J: 14 8: 10 K: 9

20 spells.

Quite un-polised and open to suggestions. I ran a 4R pre-NTNR that worked pretty well with values in Kings and Tens, NTNR changed that quite a bit.

I tried different setups of starting dudes, one with Mongawu instead of Slade, for his ability, but I really wanted a good Huckster. Sure, Mongawu with his 1 will probably not fail any more of most spells thanks to the structure of the deck, but for Soulblast and Paralysis Mark I feel I want that extra skill (will have to take notes on how much the additional 1 helps).

Plan is to buff Slade and Micah and take control. 20 spells make sure I have a few to trigger Micah and my home ability. Nerf the opponent and pick them off/take control. Hex Slingin' helps to make sure I win shootouts.

Main changes I am thinking of:

Cutting Blood Curses and more Kings to get a better draw structure, mostly they are in here to buff dudes and scare opponents.

Starting dudes, should I take someone out and put in Mongawu, or Tyx, or Kevin. The latter two can be in the deck without starting, Mongwu, Tyx, Slade, Micah and probably Arnold need to start due to low values and also Arnold is useful for saving Hucksters in shootouts gone wrong where not even Hex Slingin' can completely save me.

Nov 08, 2014 db0

With so few actions, I'd personally chuck in the R&D ranch as well, for the quick production and OOT CP.

Nov 08, 2014 yoshi

Very good idea! I was so focused on Hexes and Dudes that the deeds got thrown in for values with little afterthought. I'll go through Deeds some more to see what is useful.

Nov 09, 2014 Crumbs

Personally I like to start Tyx just to keep my early huckster safe from an ambush/kidnapping. McCadish is good late game but he doesn't do anything against those cards as the discard/ace is from the job not the shootout. Just oppose the job with him as the only posse member so even if you lose him he can still be brought back later with Raising Hell. Plus he's an extra stud.

I would probably drop 1x Shadow Walk and Raising Hell to put in 2x Magical Distraction. Your values are pretty high so you'll consistently pull a good hand with it plus it can be boosted afterwards with Hex Slingin'