Let us show u a trick 2.0

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yoshi 103

Updated version:

Values: K's: 9 J's: 14 10's: 10

Added R&D Ranch, Magical Distraction, changed starting posse and swapped some value around.

Plan is to control the board and pick off opponents key dudes as needed. Control cards are the obious Blood Curse, Forget, Paralysis Mark. Raising Hell, Soul Blast, Shadow Walk are for target removal and allwoing to control the opponents posse and "spot removal".

18 spells makes sure there are always something to feed Hex Slingin' and Magical Distraction, which will result in winning basically any shootout (if it goes to resolution).

For Magical distraction there are 5 cards (after starting posse is on table) that pull a hand worse than 4 of a kind. Combined with Hex Slingin' only those 5 cards give a final hand worse than 5 of a kind and only 11 cards result in something worse than DMH.