Five casualty fun

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Kees 47

Get to the town square and defend while gaining control points. If you suspect the opponent can't or won't attack you, you can switch out Jacqueline for Allie with Rico. You will win lowball fairly often, because of the low values. If you get into a fight, get everyone in there, throw away some fodder and play HLF for the win!

Some things I'm not sure about yet:

2x Xiaodan Li is probably better than 1x Xiaodan Li and Pagliaccio. The chance of not getting to play the second Xiaodan Li is quite small compared to the benefit of a 1 GR throwaway dude (5 casualty HLF!) to this deck. But, as I said, I'm not 100% sure.

The spots I'm struggling most with are AC and 2H.

AC doesn't have very effective shootout options. Make 'm sweat is not that great. So I'm trying Lady Luck, to cycle the more expensive deeds. Establishin' who's in charge may be ok too. What do you think?

2H: two ghost rock is expensive, especially if you want to play a deed or Allie too. But there are really no other options (peacemakers don't add much, with all the Holsters and Shotguns).

And yes, I do know this will fare very poorly against landslide decks. But maybe you can eke out a turn one win with a Jackie/Allie swap. You still have 3 dudes with influence to try and take his deeds...

Now that I think about it, 3x Six Shooters 1x Outlaw mask may be better. But the difference isn't that great, I think.

Thanks to mplain for the original deck idea!

Jan 22, 2016 Doowa

You could change your 2s for 4s, but keep Bottom Dealin' as off value. I would also try and have many different dudes to have the option og more. Hired Guns is IMO better then Lady Luck for getting the key dude you need, like Allie or Jacqueline, so you don't need to pack 4 x Allie.

Also, The Stakes Just Rose could really help you against Pistol Whip and the like. I would also reconsider 2x Outlaw Mask since you're not really building bounties i TS anyway.