Action • Cost 0

Shootout: Boot your dude in this posse to send a dude in the other posse home booted. Your dude gets –1 bullets (minimum 0).

"Why waste the bullet?" - Wendy Cheng
Neutral • Jonathan Moore • Base Set #119 | Promos #1 | Weird West Edition #228
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This little gem here has been since day one the premium defensive card for shootout. The first very good reason to consider this card is to use it if your deck need some time to set up at the beginning of the game or need to protect some key dudes from job like Kidnappin' or Curse of Failure. Having your guy safe at home with an unbooted dude to play this on the opposing player job's leader will make sure to make that job fail and protect your dude. Just make sure to not bring him in the shootout. :)

Its second strong use is in lose to win oriented deck, which intend to use a lot of expendable dude to call your opponent and inflict casualties on him, regardless of the shootout result,using cards like Takin Ya With Me. Using this will allow you to remove any small dudes the opponent take along to soak up casualties, making sure that any casualties he takes will be with the dude you left in his posse, aka the one you REALLY want to take out

Even out of these considerations, it's always a cool tempo play allowing you to protect key deeds against single dudes that try to sit on it, or simply to remove a big loaded dude with a lot of bullets and try to win the old fashioned way in a critical shootout.

Overall a classic very strong action that is easy to fit in a variety of strategies.

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Using Pistol Whip against a job leader doesn't make the job fail. Your opponent must still lose the shootout. This is a common misinterpretation of the rules.