Grim Servant's Day Off - Madison, WI Tombstone Series 1st Pl

published Jul 17, 2018 | | |
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theledgerman 26

This deck took first place at the Tombstone Series event at ALT Brew in Madison, WI. The goal was to put together a deck based around Grim Servant O' Death, but with the preference to be the mark. Specifically, the deck looks to apply pressure to the opponent through the accumulation of control point in town square or by taking over your opponent's deeds. Additionally, you can lure the opponent into calling out easy targets (e.g., Allie) by intentionally leaving them vulnerable. Once you have been called out (or if you choose to oppose a job), you can hit the opponent with Grim Servant - ideally with a dude still at home, in which case you can choose not to bring them into the posse giving you the stud bonus and making it very difficult for your opponent to cheat. Meanwhile, you can cheat away with Barton and Den of Thieves and easily force them into bad shootout outcomes.

As a side note, I'm not sure this is the best home or even faction to make use of Grim Servant as a defensive card. Do you have other ideas about how and where it might be implemented?

Jul 17, 2018 jordan caldwell

Protection Racket.

Because I'm biased (favorite home).

But also because if you are using opponent's deeds to make cash, the chance of them calling you out increases.