Robo regulators Hellstromme Ranger 4-1 in Swiss

published Sep 13, 2020 | | |

Neramoor 226

This is the third or possibly forth iteration of my Robo Regulators concept. The general idea is to quickly play out Yagn’s and create a posse of 2 or three immovable 4 studs using regulators and calling the cavalry. Most decks can handle a couple of big studs but dealing three while also blocking key cards like pistol whip, red horses tail and Mariel Lewis can be hard to manage . The deck is very reliant on Diego and if he goes before you are set up you have real problems. You need to defend him as much as possible until you have two or possibly three Yagn’s on the table. Jen is able to invent the other gadgets fine built she only has a 1 in 3 chance of playing Yagn’s

This really isn’t a decimator array deck. Since the attire rules were changed you can’t have Yagn’s and an array on the same dude so they are in for their non resolution traits particularly sidekick and upkeep reduction. The deck has Lemats so some shenanigans is possible but the deck is light on hearts so you will have to be very lucky to pull it off.

Hellstrome is there to combo with Regulators and keep up the pressure on slide and fortress decks. Because of Regulators trait they cannot hide at home or in a fortress and count more than 5 influence so they will have to come out to fight. Hellstrome means that when they throw you a sacrificial low cost dude you come away from the fight with a control point.

The deck is surprisingly weak to other hand rank manipulators in particular other Call the Cavalry deck. I had planned that if I came up against another regulator deck that I would swap Jen for Virgina Ann Earp in the starting posse. However in the one game (see below in the tournament report) where that happened I forgot to do it.

With apologies to my opponents I didn’t take notes and some of these games were more than a month ago so these are what would be kindly called my best recollection.

Round 1 Shekky Desolation row.

This was a while ago so I don’t remember many of the details. My general recollection is that there was a turn two/three blender murder in town square to which the Regulators won and then overran town.

Round 2 Bnglkrbt Full moon Brotherhood.

Full moon brotherhood can have a bad time against the regulators. Stopping movement by card effect can mean that regulators can use their outfit to unboot and become a stud without moving to town square. Early on both Jen and JW got yagn’s which negated the Brotherhoods ability to lock down their traits. Quickly it devolved into a shootout in town square with the Regulators using Hellstommes death rays to outgun the werewolves.

Round 3 Harlath Regulators (normal horses)

This was a replay of the Huddersfield Euro finals. Harlath has moved away from sight beyond sight to the infinitely more annoying Cavalry Escort. As it’s a conventional horse Calling the Cavalry deck I should have gone for my alt start but in all the faf of setting up TTS I forget. I doubt in hindsight it would have made a difference. Turn two Harlath kidnaps an isolated Diego. I have to let it through and with only one Yagn’s one the board if looks bad. Over the next few turns Rob builds up getting three regroup riders on the board. Unfortunately the Robo Regulators can’t shoot well enough to do anything over than kill a Cavalry Escort who then bounces back into play using Maggie Harris Ultimately Harlath is playing twices as many horse in his deck which means its an uphill battle with CtC giving him a hefty advantage.

Round 4 The Last Walter spiritual society

Long term chess build up over multiple rounds. Both outfits tried to control town square but had plenty of movement each turn had a couple of shootout but due to sidekicks and low cost dudes both sides struggled to land a decisive blow. Finally the regulators were all tapped out and Enapay sensing weakness headed to the notary public to ask Diego for a vigorous debate. Despite his well thought through arguments Diego drew a legal 4ok off 1 draw and that was the end for the spiritual society.

Round 5 Deputy Melnyk 108 Gracious gifts.

Melnyk played a number of low cost dudes at start along with his starting posse and Gracious gifts made it pretty clear he was trying to slide. The regulators got their skeletons and stomped into town square. After a couple of aborted kidnapping Lillian Morgan joined the posse to take control of the situation. The spiritual society retreated into their home for fear of Lillian’s ability to kidnap from the discard pile at which point the regulators trait started causing them problems. The Regulators surrounded the spiritual surrounded the society putting them in check for several turns. Eventually someone came out and was gunned down by the cavalry. The regulators slowly gained control points but unfortunately time ran out on them.

4-1 at the end of Swiss. Unfortunately as Lapp was making the draw for the quarter finals I was having to make urgent plans to deal with a family emergency in England which could have taken me away from any device with TTS or OCTGN installed as a result I asked to be dropped. The good news is that the emergency was resolved quickly, everyone is fine and I’m back home in Edinburgh but at the time I had no idea how it was going to pan out. I didn’t want someone to miss out on a cut I couldn’t play in. Hopefully my replacement in the cut can go on and win the whole thing. Melnyk, I’m rooting for ya.