Dude • Stud 3 • Influence 3 • Cost 1 • Upkeep 6

"Sometimes you need an extra set of guns. I learned not to ask about his past. Just pay him, thank him, and walk away. But no man ends up like him without a story." - Dave Montreal
Neutral • James Starr King • Base Set #51 | Promos #7
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Just read the flavor text. It perfectly describes entirely his function as a Dude in Doomtown. Steven Wiles is great in every deck with the exact purpose of getting something done on the cheap.

Use him to stall your opponent's win by a turn by bringing in 3 Influence for 1 ghostrock.

Use him as a studly cruise missile to assault, harass, and even intimidate your opponent. What does it matter if he's a casualty, he's going away the next day anyway..

Use him to steal control of a pivotal point of yours, or block an opponents deed from production. He doesn't get paid or discarded until after production.

Use him to combo off of deeds - The Town Hall turns him into a net cost of 1 (deeds production+lowered influence ammount) to keep him around. Or Telegraph Office yourself a little extra ghostrock.

Bring him back from discard with Hired Guns if you want to hear some groans from across the table.

All in all, a great dude to have on your side of Doomtown.