108 Hot Lead

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tbowers13 26

Jul 31, 2015 tbowers13

Looks like my description was lost. Essentially the idea is get Xui and Yunxu into shootouts together, preferably with Hamshanks and a throw away dude like Xiaodan/Benjamin/Bobo. Xui can turn your entire posse into studs giving you a large draw hand and making it hard for your opponent to effectively neuter your stud bonus. Xui also gives your dudes +1 inf so its likely that you will control the deed where you're fighting and then Yunxu will give all of your dudes +1 bullets and value making your draw hand even larger and protecting a bit from shotgun/soulblast etc. If you happen to lose the shootout you've got hot lead flyin' to force 2 or 3 casualties on them. The Kung Fu dudes have a bonus to their value equal to their Kung Fu rating so Xui is a 7, Hamshanks is a 6 and Yunxu is an 8 for comparing pull values with Hot Lead.

Its also easy to cycle through your deck quickly with the Kung Fu ability and Shifu Speaks so after your deck has cycled once you should be able to start pulling straight flushes rather than full house/four of a kind with 3s and 6s.

Jul 31, 2015 tbowers13

Also for those who might not have noticed yet, the Nunchucks let you lower the value of ANY dudes pull as a react, so its not just there for your Hot Lead Flyin' pulls, it also lets you mess with the pulls of opposing blessed dudes and hucksters. Lowering a spell pull by 4 (when attached to Xui) is pretty solid for making their spells fail.

Aug 01, 2015 Rancord

ure dudes are to low value for hot Lead Flyin' Especially ure starting dudes

Aug 01, 2015 mplain

@Rancordlol did you read the description? ;)

Aug 01, 2015 tbowers13

I realize that this isn't an optimal build for kung fu, I don't think the techniques in this faction pack alone will make kung fu very playable. I just wanted to try something that included the techniques to get a feel for them but I couldn't justify playing 4 of any of them.