MCC Landslide

published Oct 05, 2015 | | |
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None. Self-made deck here.
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MCC Landslide Outlaw Winner - Toledo, OH 6 3 8

AtotheJ 57

My take on Morgan Slide. Stay at home, drop 2-3 deeds a turn, then win. Never use the home ability unless you have a Make the Smart Choice to run away with, it is for an out of town deed, or if Clementine will end up in a saloon. I didn't include any deeds with more than 1cp or that will probably help my opponent more than me (this includes Surveyor's Office & Railroad Station). 6 out the 7 in deck dudes are there to help you not lose and Wendy is to help you win by kicking dudes off your deeds. Most of the actions are straightforward, Make the Smart Choice & One Good Turn are for acceleration and Rumors is to help you win. Coachwhip & Too Much Attention are meta choices to help slow down Allie Hensman/Fred Aims. Which brings me to the 2x Shotgun which are also very good ways of getting rid of those Sloane dudes after you've booted them. Don't forget that you can always Make the Smart Choice home after you've blasted dudes with your Shotgun!