Jesse Pinkman, Master Carpenter

published Jan 28, 2016 | | |
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goreshde 467

Roderick Brye does his best Jesse Pinkman impression from the last half of season 5. He stays home and produces gadgets for a militant gang.

This deck came about because I thought Outgunned and Nightmare at Noon had some good synergy, but King values are only playable with gadgets and Morgan does not really have the bullets to make this work. Sloane does though. From there I just kept adding cards that made sense for an aggressive gadget deck in D row. For example the wheel gun is great for both Nightmare and D Row's job.

A little money issues at the start, but most people don't oppose the job turn 1. You don't have a way to create conflict but with 2 control point generating mechanics in play from the start your opponent will have to eventually face you.