techno slide v2

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jaythejester 460

This is an update on techno slide. After playing a few games, I realized the greater need for 0 control point deeds. Took out some of the more expensive dudes and deeds, and swapped in pats, and jackson's. starting irving instead of Prof. Eustace. 3 upkeep was to much, especially if you lost lowball, and had a bad starting hand. Irving will most likely get replaced by Arnold Stewart when bad medicine comes out.

I may get rid of Max Baine, but he is such a power card against landslide. Ashbel is a bit heavy as well, and is on the cut list if better options come out.

Feb 05, 2016 dibat

these are some neat ideas to play off of, thanks. I enjoy currency press. One would have to imagine you get flushes often in lowball, feels bad

Feb 05, 2016 dibat

Though, reviewing - if specks gets marty traded to him and then gets kidnapped you scoop, right?

Feb 05, 2016 jaythejester

This deck can work without specks. there are multiple mad scientists, and most you're deck will still succeed the pulls. Let him get discarded to kidnapping, and hope to see him again. Xemo's turbans help with that. This deck actually doesn't flush very often at all. If they are running kidnapping, spread your gadgets out and keep your influence up by playing dudes as often as you need the money. If they are using ride 'em down, pile gadgets on the dudes with horses. Be very careful around decks with unprepared.

Feb 05, 2016 madscience

I like the idea. I went a differtent way to try and help with the shooting, and to keep True a starter.