The Devolutionator!

published Feb 02, 2016 | | |
Card draw simulator
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LordManHammer 447

So this was something of a test, that worked out better than expected. Disclaimer: It was only tested I never brought it to a tournament.

The idea of this deck is to see how fast you can deveolve your deck to a DMH structure. The great facilitator of this is Lillian Morgan Experienced.

The way it works is that you are able to play your entire hand almost every round AND at the same time Lillians ability aces cards from your discard pile that you doesnt fit the structure - while at the same time creating card draw and/or money.

I think what is extremely interesting with this deck is to see how fast this machine actually works. To take it forward I would try to mingle with the deck structure a bit maybe try to create a 16-10-10 structure.

Please try this out and comment - it gives some interesting experience with deck devolution.

Feb 02, 2016 DoomDog

Since Morgan have a bunch of 8-value dudes (two of whom can still be cycled), you could maybe add a couple of them just in case Mr. Wiles meets an unfortunate end. I'd probably add at least one Quickdraw Handgun in place of a Paralysis Mark. I've found The Joker's Smile is useful in a DMH deck, but then again my 108 deck doesn't have Diamond Lil to quickly ace the off-values...