Grifter Swarm

published Feb 21, 2016 | | |
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Lapp 80

Basic idea is Grifter swarm (include Travis in starting, DB doesn't recognize he and Rico are 1 less). You an go straight at your opponent if you have a kidnap and they don't have a cheatin card. There's a lot of options that can be done after using Rico based on what you and your opponent starting hand is; generally Milt or Barton can get replaced with someone cheaper, either if you need more Influence or a better Shotgun user. Grow economy with Milt/Makaio combo with Den/Hustled/Kidnaps, put Milt with a Mask in town square after stabilizing. 14x3 with 5 off suit dudes that cost 1, so plenty of expendables to go Kidnappin. Weaknesses I see is could use more anti-cheatin' and lack of influence to take deeds/lack of control points that might make the concept better out of DRow, and no proactive actions.

Feb 27, 2016 Flash

I run several Monty Banks in this type of deck. If your looking at a Milt/Makaio combo, if you put the Monty Bank on Milt, he becomes a grifter, so you can use your home ability to put a bounty straight on him, then still use Makaio to move another bounty (run a kidnappin and theres plety of bounties to go round) on MIlt for a total of 4 GR (one from home ability, one from Monty Bank, and two bounties on Milt) a turn.