Sanitorium slow bicycle

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jaythejester 460

*Try to start The Union Casino with Ol' Howard

My first attempt at building a bicycle deck. This deck is built to avoid shootouts, and gain control points with Clementine at The Union Casino. It is reliant on the opponent not having many, if any, attack jobs. The long game is capable of producing a Mario crane who always gets at least a legal flush.

Dudes are mostly non upkeep, decent influence, and includes several hucksters. Also, Asakichi Cooke for influence, card cycle, and movement. Ambrose can often let you unboot your home.

Deeds generate well for your casino, and many are without control points (reducing your worry over how many cp's you hand to your opponent.), or have useful abilities on the saloon.

Hearts are hexes, (good for Popescus / Ambrose / Micah), Whiskey Flask for cycling, Attire for influence, and Idol of Tlazolteotl which can move Howard onto an opposing deed, and make sure Clementine has control of the Union Casino during noon.

Actions are mostly easy to play noon cards, and a few of them actually might help. Lost to the Plague deals with Allie, and a few other low value dudes with boot abilities. Good Stiff Drink works well with Ambrose, Asakichi, Kevin, or Micah. And finally, yes, a deck that just might have a use for Auction.

May 24, 2016 Devogenes

No cheatin' punishment, eh? Not worried about Devil's Jokers or Den of Thieves?