Some Whips to Ban (1st@3rd octgn league, 2nd@Moscow OP)

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Horse Wardens - 2nd place 5 4 5

Gozik 592

So here is my deck.

Went 10-2 through the league. At moscow op kit (8 players) won vs all opponents (4 games) except mplain (lost twice).

Deck seems similar to generic law dog deck. But unlike most of them this is control deck that does not rush shootouts without appropriate setup. You can sit home as you usually start with no upkeep. Starting posse is usually Tommy, Philip, Rico and 2 of Willa, Henry or Jake. If you need extra power and want to be more aggressive from beginning you can start Wendy in Tommy slot. There is option to start with Clyde vs slide decks. The best thing about this decision is that you make it after you know your and opponent's hands. This is really big advantage, knowledge is power. And first turn initiative can snowball dramaticly.

To play Pistol Whips, Wendy and Jael's guile you need unbooted dudes in shootout. Roans, Recruitment drive, Bounty hunter and Carters bounty help to achieve this. Pearly's Palace allows to pistol whip the dude with shotgun or holster before he uses them. Guiles are great in law dogs as you can give a bounty to only one of opponent's dudes and used Guile will force him to boot and discard exactly this dude. Another great thing about Guile is how good it is in defending location. If you have some dudes in town square and all opponents sit home then to shootout in square opponent has to boot all but one dudes. You boot the last dude with unprepared or send him home with pistol whip, now your Guile discards two dudes. Ussually that's even better then coachwhips. (And they are OP).

Flexible slots are Brute, 3rd Tusk and Lucy. I did adjust deck during league. With third unprepared, another deed, Sunday best or legal instruments. Probably still want to have Sunday Best as it gives initiative with extra movement and deny opponents income. The rest of the deck is tuned enough. Give it a try in this version.

Video of finals can be found here: twitch
I'm not too good in english, excuses in advance.

P.S. Please ban more cards. They are frustrating to play against for somebody, I guarantee it.

Jun 01, 2016 hats

Neat deck, and congrats! Curious though, Which cards would you like to see banned?

Jun 01, 2016 bithlord

"But unlike most of them this is control deck that does not rush shootouts without appropriate setup."

What makes this a control deck?

Jun 01, 2016 Gozik

Pistol whip, coachwip and guile :)

But to be honest I don't want any of cards/effects to be removed from the game. Paralyse Mark and HLF were powerful cards with unique effect. Instead of balancing this effect by increasing cost or adding some drawback their effects were completly banned. This resulted in terminating some cool archetypes instead of balancing them. I am just sarcasming on this theme.

Jun 01, 2016 Gozik

@bitlord 4 of pistol whips, 0 upkeep and late potential.
Pistol whip is paralyse mark replacement for me. I choose when to fight and when to evoid the shootout.
Dudes with zero upkeep let me to sit home as long as I need to versus really agro decks like Warden Blockade. Constance, Lucy, Utter and Eric can enough influence to wait out the initial part of the game. Late big dudes like Wendy, Tommy and Clyde allow me to overshoot almost any agro/midrange deck when I'm ready to take the town.

Of course that's just my classification, but I think it is very close to description of control decks in card games.