Sloane 3+5+7 [1 core]

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mplain 1642

Shootout structure: 14x of 3s, 5s, and 7s, minus the starting posse.

I originally made this deck for playing offline with my friends, and since I only have 1 core set, everything is 2x. However, when I made this deck here for playing in OCTGN, I didn't find the need to get 4x anything - I don't really want expensive goods piling up in my hand, and I like the versatility of having so many actions. Playing against the same opponents more than once causes them to be extra careful and mindful of so many things at once, so they have to play suboptimally.

7s can be substituted with 4s: deeds don't matter much, Pinto is better than Whiskey Flask, but the dudes at 4 are pretty good (Marion and Sanford). I'm mostly trying out Ulysses here. The funniest thing about him is kicking the opponent's Clementine out of a saloon :)

Nov 26, 2014 spyke7977

Glad to see you shared.

Nov 26, 2014 Kain8

Hey mplain, this deck looks pretty nice. Thanks for your correction on Remy Lapointe. The players I play with were shocked that we missed the Repeat topic in the rulebook.

How has Unprepared been working for you in this deck?

Nov 26, 2014 mplain

spyke can tell you all about how he was going to win, when all the town was asleep and the only unbooted dude was his Jon Longstride, equipped with Shotgun and Mustang, and on his way to occupy my deeds he decided to stop in the town square and shoot my Clementine dead, but before he could do that I used the Pearly's Palace to seize the initiative, played Unprepared on Jon, booting him and all his goods, and after he still managed to win the shootout I finished him with Coachwhip and thus avoided taking casualties. Yeah, that was pretty great :)

Unprepared also hoses Wendy, Legendary Holster, Flamethrower, hexes, and Pistol Whip. Yep, I think it's one of the best actions in the game.

Nov 26, 2014 spyke7977

Poor poor Jon. :(

Dec 02, 2014 spyke7977

You know, finally sitting down and looking at your deck one word comes to mind: streamlined. This deck just oozes efficiency. It's so versatile and seems like it could win multiple ways (most likely ending in a shootout).

Only concern I have is the economy. Making only 1 gr per turn seems rough. Do you just try for a deed in your opening hand to ensure you have money coming in? Guess the general store early helps too.

Also how do you handle decks geared toward anti cheating? I mean I never got to catch Barton with a coachwhip (something Lane knows a little something about :P) but how do you tackle an anti-cheating Law Dog deck?

Dec 02, 2014 mplain

That's a Morgan capitalist speaking in you, man :) We simple folks can get with a little money just fine! I do always mulligan away a hand with no deeds, though, but so far economy has not been a real issue for me with this deck. And yes, General Store is just nuts, it's my favourite deed in the game and I put 2x in all of my decks.

As for anti-cheating, this deck's shootout structure and the amount of tricks can reliably give me a legal full house, while denying bullets to the opponent. Just don't get tricked by Barton and ignore his ability if you see Bottom Dealing or Coachwhip in their discard pile, or if you're facing Tommy Harden.

Dec 11, 2014 Hatchetman

I had a ton o fun trying your deck out last night, thanks for sharing it.

Dec 17, 2014 brightknight_216

Thank you for sharing this deck. It helps me to understand about the card structure better and how a player can actually build a good deck using 1 Core Set. I don't have the latest expansion yet to would probably replace Ulysses Mark with Run 'Em Down mainly for the card structure or can be combo with a Dude riding on Pinto.

Dec 17, 2014 mplain

If you don't have Ulysses I'd suggest switching 7s for 4s, there are some very good dudes at 4♠.

Jan 18, 2016 Squeakgeek

Thanks for providing a deck that only requires one core deck. It seems most require two.