Morgan Tricycle edinburgh tombstone winner

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Neramoor 211

For Edinburgh's Tombstone Forkbanger challenged us to go from normal 4 of each value decks to 3 to see if the less consistent draw gave a more interesting environment hence Tricycle.

My thinking for this deck was that if we were going to have a less consistent environment you need to be able manipulate you hand which means decimator arrays. I already had a decimator array deck built from York so this is a modified version. I was also intrested in how the change to the attire rule would affect the deck.

Round 1 Harlath 4R orginal Grimme puppet shenanigans.

Rob doesn't often play 4R but he knows the deck well. Based on past history if he is playing hexes he will be playing phantasm and puppet with some added blood curses and sight beyond sight. The game ground on every time I got close to winning Rob managed to find another dude. I got into a few shootouts taking out 4 of five dudes but it wasn't enough to put him away. Between his home, a Jackson strike and a deed defended by puppet wielding hucksters I couldn't quite get into a winning position. At time I controlled most of town and won 12 -21

Forkbanger Law dogs orignal deputies

Another grinding timed win. Turn three steve found judge harry and started picking off some of my isolated dudes. However whenver I met him with force he lost a couple of dudes. Again the lack of CP deeds was a problem but here the bigger issue was not being able to force a fight on my terms. I made a play mistake booting a dude to pistol whip and end a shootout where I could have gone to resolution and won if I had not booted.

At time I controlled most of the town and in final shootout steve got a couple more law dogs killed to seal a timed loss.

Round three SauronBeagle Des row Both steph and I saw some tech first turn and traded two dudes in a first turn town square shootout. At three dudes each we both stalled for a couple fo turns however on day four I found a tech expo and a couple of deeds and forced the pace eventually trapping the slaon gang in an unwinnable shooutout. giving my first in time win.

Overall 3-0 but the timed wins were frustrating for all concerned. Decimator array is still an absolute beast of a card. With lemats, and forcefields you can almost always get a legal hand raised to straight flush or deadmans hand. Even if you can't its a sidekick so can let you grind games out.

I would swap the coachwhips for ambushes in the future and were possible teh 0CP deeds for something with control points.

The format works well, decimator arrays aside both low ball and shootouts were more meaningful rather simply a succession of cheatin five of a kinds as you can have in normal play. I would encourage you to give it a go.

PS: I promise to stop playing decimator arrays for the rest of the tombstone season

Jul 30, 2018 Prodigy

That is the same problem I had with my original decimator array deck, and why it evolved into having lots more CP deeds. Very frustrating to have a total-shootout domination going on, but no way to turn it into a win (before time)!

Any comments on how the new attire rule affected your building/editing of this deck, or how any games played out where it affected the situation?

Also that format sounds very fun!

Jul 31, 2018 Neramoor

The attire rule didn't make a huge difference but I suspect that was the format. There was only one time when I could have played a decimator and found all my MS already had attire. For me the bigger impact is restricting yagn's and DA