Coot Jenkins Comes to Doomtown!

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Lapp 80

Hi there folks! We had an amazing time at the Dead Man's Hand variant event at GenCon 51, where Stone ended victorious against all the heroes that attended to stop the Servitor of Death! Coot escaped after one round after participating with this homebrew, shared for your viewing pleasure!

The concept was taken from something Jevon had mentioned at Origins regarding using Tlaloc's Furies on Eva Bright Eyes to ensure she never failed the pull on Sun-Touched Raven, which would help set up the Dead Man's Hand. This gets a little better post Too Tough to Die, with the new spirit sidekick taking the slot of Forsaken Hound. So I gave this a try in case there was a Bye so Coot could participate :)

We start with Gomorra Lot Commission, something I saw Hogg run at World's in his DMH finals deck, along with Eva of course, and Lydia to go with the Coot theme in making a Harrowed. Marcia for some more influence (who becomes Sequoia post 2T2D) and Aces as a shooter, as I wanted someone who could play Make Em Sweat to reduce down a Shotgun. I'm sure there is a better option but the old shooter also seemed on theme so I went with it.

Outside the draw structure I went with the other cards that could be used instead of the Jack of Diamonds in this variant event. Working towards a win condition, that meant splashing Epidemic Lab and Epitaph Branch Office for control points, General Store for income, and It's Not What You Know for some more cheatin' punishment.

I only played a one round mirror against Robert Newara, as another player dropped but it was a lot of fun pulling a legal five of a kind and one of the variant hands.

I recommend giving this a shot with a few changes for regular Doomtown, as it was restricted to no dead dudes in the fiction as well, so of course a Steven Wiles can join the party :)

Aug 14, 2018 Robert

This is a way better version of what I was trying to do, so naturally, I'll copy it! "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". I'm going to update it with 2T2D and add in some dead dudes. I'll test it out tomorrow night. Oh, and I definitely remember that legal 5 of a kind . . .

Aug 14, 2018 Robert

Quick question, I was running 3 This'll Hurt in the Mornin' and 1 Reserves. I was actually thinking 2 of each. My reasoning was that i was concerned This'll Hurt could be stuck in my hand is my opponent doesn't cheat. Reserves can always be used. Perhaps it was just how my hands went (and the fact that I was only running 1 Lady Luck), but I had 2 This'll Hurts in my hand a lot. What are your thoughts on this?

Aug 14, 2018 Lapp

Tough to say, This'll Hurt is great to hit people during lowball so keeping one in hand and discarding one end of turn is fine. If it clogs your hand you can also discard it with the outfit ability. If you think 4 is still to much, maybe drop to 3 and add 1 Reserves or You Had One Job.

Aug 14, 2018 Robert

You're right, the outfit ability should be the key. I wasn't playing it well! I'll stick with 4. Added 4 Mischievous Coyote, Alexander Sequoia (starting over Marcia) and 2 Steven Wiles. Choose the Caretaker and Lepp over 2 Wang. Added Gomorra Gazette over Branch Office, a 4th Tlaloc's Fury over Epidemic Lab. I had to remove a General Store and 1 It's Not What You Know for the 2 extra J of Hearts. So I'm basically down an action and 2 deeds for 3 goods. I'll have the deeds to trade out for a Fury and Coyote if I need funds. Thanks!