The Aceing on the Cake - Abomination series 1st place

published Nov 18, 2018 | | |
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hehasmoments 133

Nov 19, 2018 jordan caldwell

How did Five Aces Gambling Hall work out for you?

The opportunity cost of starting a Core Deed is so great, I am curious if it's inclusion in your starting posse was worth it (as opposed to, say, Willa Mae MacGowan)?

Nov 19, 2018 hehasmoments

It was mainly in to have somewhere to trigger protection racket in the early game or if someone was playing deedless.

It’s a really good deed though, the threat when trying to come and pick off a dude somewhere that my best wanted shooter would be able to join really worked. Especially when I was spread thin against slide

Nov 19, 2018 jordan caldwell

True. But you have to wait to draw one of your four misdemeanors (Heist or Kidnappin's) to actively generate your own bounty.

Might you consider starting Larry "Sevens" Swift over Maria Kingsford for this explicit purpose? Or is the money just too tight?

Nov 20, 2018 hehasmoments

I never had any trouble generating bounties when I needed them. Remember that Protection Racket generates a bounty