Sloane SF Horses

published Feb 11, 2019 | | |
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Robert 18

Would love some suggestions on this. I have never built a straight flush deck and this deck is completely untested. Too many dudes? Too many deeds? Not enough goods? I tried to make all of the cards as playable as possible. With all the Cheatin' Resolutions out there now, I need to rethink the way I play Sloane!

Feb 11, 2019 Harlath

Play Ricochet on 9 as it is great Cheatin' punishment?

Perhaps commit hard to a back-up value or two on your diamonds and Hearts rather than spreading out, to give yourself an easier back-up full house/four of a kind? For example, you could still have the same number of horses and deeds but commit to 5/6/7/8 pending on whichever dudes/deeds/hearts you like on a particular value. :)