Morgan 7+8+10 Lillian

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Here's my take on a Morgan huckster deck.

7s - x8, 8s - x14, 10s - x14

Lillian is a one woman army, the King and the Queen. She will dominate the town strategically, and she will overwhelm enemies in shootouts with her teleporting expendable studs! But if you lose her, there's no plan B.

Yes, this deck has negative income from the start. This is bad. But you play deeds for free, which is good. But you'll have to pay some extra money to Medoza. This is bad too. But he will protect you against that early Kidnappin', which is golden.

♠ You've got lots of one-turn dudes here: Steven Wiles and Bobo are both 3-studs for 1 gr, while Alie Cline soaks casualties. She's not that good but she's on value, so it's okay.

Hired Help is both offence and a meat shield, and you can play it for free. Yay!

Unprepared hoses spells and gadgets and guns - invaluable!

Rumors are a win condition - bring in lots of deeds, kill some dudes, cast Curses and spread Rumors about the others.

Hex Slingin' -- this card didn't make the cut, unfortunately. I'd much rather have it instead of Rumors, but I need a solid shootout structure, and I don't have much use for Forget. Still, a valid option to consider.

Paralyze Mark, Shadow Walk, Blood Curse -- teleport around town, boot dangerous dudes, cut their bullets and influence - you know the drill.

Soul Blast -- not popular these days, not on value, will fail some pulls -- but invaluable for this deck. Ace bounty hunters, whip solo kidnappers, or, if the odds are against you -- target yourself and go home to safety! Just don't do it if they're trying to kidnap you -- otherwise the job will succeed and Lil will be discarded.

Raising Hell -- I'd love to include a couple of these to bring Bobo into the fight if they caught me too early in the morning or if he's dead. Need to cut something for it, but what?

Fetch will be perfect for this deck!

Main dangers:

Mendoza -- he's danger #1. You've got 4 gr at the start of the game, don't waste it! Don't engage into shootouts until you've got some stable income from a couple of deeds. Almost everything in this deck costs only 1 gr, but watch your money closely!

Kidnappin' -- if you have the slightest feeling they might be playing it, call Steven or Bobo first thing in the morning.

Coachwhip -- don't cheat! They'll kill ya! Seriously, this card is the bane of any combo uber-dude deck.

Unprepared - bane of combo uber-dudes #2. In they hit you before you get the chance to cast your spell or call for help, you're toast. Only engage into shootouts if you're the lowball winner! Thankfully it doesn't take away your free money, so you can still get some Hired Help.

Forget - this filler spell is actually very potent against you as it blocks your ability to call for help. Be mindful of that!

Protect your Queen, and she will lead you to victory!

Dec 23, 2014 mplain

Just realized you can use Lil's free money to pay for abominations you bring in with Raising Hell. Daaamn! Tyx suddenly became much more interesting!

Dec 24, 2014 mplain

Nah, she can't do this, as per the official ruling =_=