Sloane 3+5+7 Jonah

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mplain 1642

Winning deck from an 8-players tournament in Santa Clara (12/01/15), by Mark David Taylor.

3s - x14, 4s - x8, 5s - x12, 7s - x11

Jan 12, 2015 davido

Well, my 4R weenie deck (Micha, Mongwau, Dulf, Travis) died to just the Shotguns n Kiddnappin's at the event. It's a strong build, and well-played by Mark. That said, it's a pretty standard .357 shooter with a few tricks (corporeal twist and the Idol to reduce values for the shotgun; Fetch to tutor trix out of lowball).

Jan 19, 2015 LordManHammer

Nice! I really like it. Also it approaches the problem with starting influence really well.

Jan 19, 2015 mplain

The only thing that worries me here is that Fetch is unreliable, it has a 30% chance of failure.

Jan 19, 2015 LordManHammer

Yeah - I can see that... It is all about probability and card tracking though. Its 28 percent change from the outset (not counting what is in hand) and then minus what you put on the table. Not a great chance of success from the outset but increasingly more likely to happen. Especially if you use it to draw its own failure cards out of the draw hands...