Action Sloane

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Action Sloane + Mario Crane 16 19 16
Flushed with Righteousness 3 4 3

mplain 1642

Deck design by Robert Croy. Deck description here.

Earn control points by occupying enemy deeds and using your dudes' abilities and your outfit.

Every hand gives you a Flush (rank 6). You always lose lowball, but you play without money anyway. Always attack solo, neutralize enemy studs, reduce bullets, ace dudes in resolution phase. The main idea is then when forced to draw with no studs, they will probably get something worse than a Flush.

My changes to the original version:

Ulysses Marks instead of Marion Seville: resistant to shotgun, gives an additional control point, and most importantly - kicks that annoying barmaid out of any saloon she might be hidin' in, right into the town square.

Point Blank instead of Good Stiff Drink: Clint Ramsey is a stud, so why not take advantage of it?

♣ +1x Kidnappin' to neutralize high-influence targets and hucksters.

♣ +1x Cheatin Varmit helps greatly when they draw a legal full house.

Overall a very fun deck to play, my compliments to the chef! :)

Jan 18, 2015 galactusgo

How do you deal against other shooty decks? Always going second in a shootout seems less than ideal for a shootout deck.

Jan 18, 2015 mplain

But what can they do, cut your bullets? You don't care about your bullets! Only... fear the shotgun.

Jan 18, 2015 mplain

Update: Telepathy Helmet wreaks this deck =__=

Jan 18, 2015 db0

So does hiding in the shadows, yes. But this deck is quite scary, even with a shooty deck. If you play an in-town deed with control, it means they can go to 3 CP turn 1. If it's a Saloon, 4 CP. So it really forces your opponent to fight to survive almost immediately. And if you do, you better have some damn tight draw structure or you're one bad draw away from losing.

Shotguns really help, especially if you can combine them with easy jobs like Kidnapping which won't leave your dude stranded in the Town Square afterwards.

If you manage to wipe their Allie, they will really slow down in gaining CPs and cap at a max of 6 (assuming a saloon in play) which is not so difficult to have in influence, at which point you can play the slow game and build up enough CP or firepower to take them down.

Jan 18, 2015 mplain

Hidin' is the Shadows is not that bad because I can wait for a turn until it wears off. Telepathy Helmet, against this deck, is permanent. My only hope is that the opponent has to cheat in order to get a full house, then I hit them with Coachwhip or Cheatin' Varmint.

Jan 18, 2015 db0

If they play Hiding In the Shadows after you've used your allie and your Sloane ability though, you're in a world of hurt ;)

Jan 19, 2015 mplain
If you manage to wipe their Allie, they will really slow down in gaining CPs and cap at a max of 6 (assuming a saloon in play)

You're forgetting about the outfit ability, so without Allie it's max 10 control (assuming 4 deeds in play, including a saloon).

You could also play 1x Establishing Who's In Charge to make the cap unlimited in theory. Although in order to play it you need to either get super-lucky in lowball, defend against a Kidnappin, or lose Clint or Ulysses.