Drive-by Gadgets

published Apr 17, 2015 | | |
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tbowers13 26

The general idea is to get a gadget, preferably Flamethrower or Holy Wheel Gun on Jen and/or get a Quaterman with a gun into play asap. I wasn't sure which outfit card to go with. I don't run many deeds in this deck to take advantage of the original outfit and I didn't want to leave my dudes stranded before I'm ready to fight like Landslide decks. But a lot of the gadgets in this deck can't reliably be used with the new outfit due to an (8+2)=10 difficulty requiring me to pull an 8 or better with my Mad Scientist 2 rating. But it does let me unboot and move around afterword when I do use it or invent another gadget same turn. I felt like that was the way to go and would prefer the unbooting over the economy for this deck. I was only able to get to 13x12x14 for values, I guess I'll have to see how it shoots.