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To the the bunkhouse 7 8 4
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mplain 1642

A new take on Lillian.deck, based on the Nicodemus + Bunkhouse combo.

Your ideal first turn is Bunkhouse + Steven/Bobo, occupy an opponent's deed and you have 7 control points right there!

It'll probably not be that easy, though, so you have some economy (Morgan outfit + Reserves), lots of cheap good shooters, some strong shootout actions & cheatin' punishment, and a solid draw structure (only 7 cards off-value). If the shootout goes bad, just run home. Kidnappin' + Coachwhip is very bad news though. Always play Steven/Bobo first click, deeds and spells after that.

Phantasm + The Whateley Estate = Paralysis Mark № 5-8, boot all the dudes!

Whateley is the fifth faction of Doomtown, you can play a deck based around Nic with pretty much any outfit! Great fun! :)

Apr 28, 2015 L2W

I personally like using Phantasm to move someone into my own home

Apr 28, 2015 mplain

@L2Wthat's the default usage. The Estate is an upgrade :)

Thanks for the great deck idea man!

Apr 28, 2015 Steel_Web

Love your deck Ideas. Really trying to make a sloane Nicodemus deck. The Whateley Estate is a 1 of? not 2 of?

May 07, 2015 mysticpickle44

Phantasm + Whateley Estate briliant! XD

Jun 02, 2015 ringokid

I like this deck! im trying to make a Nicodemus deck also... the thing i dont understand is when you gonna have 7 CP in the first turn? i cannot see how!

Jun 02, 2015 mplain

@ringokidyou're right, that's a leftover from the 4R deck, there I start 5 dudes and can get 7 CPs on the first turn. Here, it's only 6 CPs - unless I get Steven AND Bobo, of course ;)