Pennywise and Posse

published May 16, 2015 | | |
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1st Place Atlantic City Sheriff Event Pennywise and Posse 0 1 0

tbowers13 26

This is the latest iteration of my 4R Control/shooter hybrid to include some of the cards from Frontier Justice. I will definitely be trying to find room for 2-4 copies of incubation, but honestly I don't know what to cut. I've already reluctantly removed the singleton copies of Soul Blast, Mirror Mirror and Puppet from my deck. They are really strong cards, but I was failing hex pulls because of them more often than I liked and decided I wanted more consistency in pulls. Also the deck doesn't get into a ton of shootouts, so Mirror Mirror and Soul Blast often don't see use for turns at a time. Puppet is ridiculously strong, but its more of a deterrent than anything. I do like that it essentially functions as extra copies of Rumors though in that it reduces your opponents influence for the turn. I was thinking of replacing all 4 copies of Hex Slingin with Flight of the Lepus because that card has so many possible applications, but I already have Its Not What You Know in the queen slot as a cheatin resolution and there really aren't any other clubs in the queen slot that I'd want to run in its place and I don't feel that having 7-8 cheatin resolutions will be optimal. Maybe if I were trying to make the deck pure control with a looser draw structure, but I want to be able to compete in shootouts and not make them auto-losses for me when I'm inevitably called out.