Action • Cost 0

This dude loses all keywords, traits, and abilities. This dude’s bullets, influence, and control points are equal to 0 and cannot be modified. This dude gets +1 upkeep. This card cannot be discarded by card effects.

Noon Job, Boot: Mark an opposing dude. If successful, discard all cards attached to the mark and send them home booted; attach this card to the mark.

Neutral • Bryan Syme • Too Tough to Die #55
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This is a really good option for dude spot removal that fits in basically any deck which can run the value. (Or doesn't mind splashing for it) A great alternative to Kidnappin' in decks that don't want to gain the bounty or have trouble putting up the initial bullet requirements. The 0 cost can also make it a little easier to fit into a low-to-the ground deck where Ambush, Bounty Hunter, or Ol' Fashioned Hangin' aren't reliable enough.

It's worth noting that Curse of Failure doesn't actually remove the dude from the board, it sends them home booted, almost completely useless, and more expensive. Effectively, this usually results in the opponent choosing not to renew their upkeep the next turn, but there are situations where they may keep the dude in play. Studs remain studs after all, so choose your targets for this card carefully

I've come across a couple interesting interactions. First, if the opponent is playing Karl Odett, CoF removes the Abomination keyword to shut down Karl's influence boost. This can lead to a HUGE swing if it's used successfully, though most savvy abom players will probably let their dude get aced or discarded first!

Second, this still successfully attaches to dudes wearing a Knight's Chasuble because the dude's attachments are discarded before Curse attaches. This may be obvious but it tripped me up a bit!

Overall a very strong card that fills its role well.