Action • Cost 0

Shootout: Boot your dude to choose a number of opposing dudes equal to your dude's bullet rating. Each chosen dude with 0 printed bullets becomes a draw. Each chosen dude gets -1 bullets.

"Doc, I swear that was more than six shots..." -Virgil Earp
Neutral • Tom Fowler • Hell's Comin' With Me #51
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The flavor text implies that Virgil Earp witnessed Doc Holliday firing more than 6 bullets through the use of hexslinging.

The legend Doc Holliday locks a dude to 4 bullets, meaning that Doc Holliday cannot allow a dude to fan the hammer and fire more than 6 shots.

Complete flavor fail. smh.

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our old west version of suppressing fire. For times when your are not using Fives for Pistol Whip, or facing down a mess of 0 Stud dudes. Or, if you are trying to set up a bigger Nightmare at Noon. Or refining the target field for a Point Blank.

Also ruins Raven's day. Or helps secure the benefit, depending on who has pledged their oath to War.

and the dude you boot could be a temporary Bounty Hunter or Shane & Graves Security guard.