Dez Row - 2nd of 28 - Worcester Sheriff

published Sep 13, 2015 | | |
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Marshal Lambert 42

This deck was 2nd overall at the Worcester Sheriff. 4/1 in Swiss, then top 8 with a loss in the finals. Just a DMH stacked Sloane deck. It's stacked 16/15/15 but this suits my aggressive (and risky!) playstyle and I had a lot of fun with it, with a lot of varied (and sometimes lucky) wins.

It can rush with Allie as an additional starter, turtle with Fred if you can get bounty on him, and rumours really helps when it comes to the chess game.

This deck is nothing new, and nothing special, and there's no doubt loads you would change.

I actually started Allie as a 4th dude more often than not, though it hurts the stack and economy. Jack and Olivia are also alternate starting dudes depending on opponent but I never used them as starters in any of the 8 games, and even with 2 rapiers Jack was usually no better than Marion (and more inconsistent). Would be as good switching Jack for another El Grajo. Shane and Graves should really have been another 8 diamonds but O didn't want an additional Circle M, and Exploit would help opponents more then me. Still, there are better choices that Graves (such as Pettigrews) and I actually misread it as bringing a gunslinger into adjacent locations and not deeds, which would have helped Sloane jobs more (and would be overpowered of course!)

I also only used Meet the New Boss once. It did help win that game but I was usually faced with choosing to either pull off a Sloane job, or this one. Perhaps swap it for a couple of Lepus and maybe a couple of Holdups (for the bounty as much as anything).

Big stack means big cheating, but usually I'd pull legal shootut hands (and often a DMH mid game) or intentiaonally cheat. Cheatin in lowball never really hurt too much (This'll Hurt sometimes helped thin the deck down to DMH). Biggest cheatin weakness was Soul Cage, which is a great soft counter to decks like this. An even bigger stack would have helped in some games (3x16) but would have hindered others with the lowball losses (not being able to Make Wendy Sweat before she kicked me out of a shootout would be an issue).

Sep 14, 2015 Whizzwang

Ahem... I believe you used meet the new boss in the game you lost sir :)

Really solid deck Dez, how many DMH did you see all day?

Sep 14, 2015 Marshal Lambert

Yes, you're right, though this means I used it twice as I also used it first game. Pulled it in hand most games and found myself discarding it. Probably even more reason to swap it out!

I think I got 5 or 6 DMH over 8 games (and some in friendlies). A couple of natural DMH, a few Joker assisted, and 1 with 6 Shooters. Barton got Rank 11 a few times with a 5 of a kind, and got away with it about half the time. Overall it was worth running a heavy stack I think, though the DMH option was what swung it.

Sep 14, 2015 Whizzwang

That's pretty damn consistent. Nice one. - I think that the new Boss play on Barton is what cost you our game. Had you not played it - he would have been the easy casualty option for that TYWM. I don't envy the decision you had to make there at all.