Election Day Spirits

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goreshde 467

Went 3-0 in a Deputy event. It is a slow burn. It takes awhile to get going and then starts firing off.

The goal is simple. Do movement shens to get your opponent out of town square and keep them off balance while waiting to get established. Once you get in town square cast your spirit dudes. Have them do your Outfit's ability and run jobs for you putting nothing at risk.

Rock stats are Mazatl for movement shens and Smiling Frog for card cycle. People think I actually want to get in fights with Frog, but they are wrong. He is there to help me get established.

Your draw structure is super solid so you can expect to do well even with just token dudes. My big concerns with this deck is only 4 starting influence. I am really tempted to start with 0 money and Jake.

Bai Yang Chen was incredible. I expect to see a lot of him showing up in decks.

I never got "The Pack Awakens" in town square even though the 3 general stores are there just for that. I had a chance to 3rd round, but it was against another Eagle Wardens deck that won all but 1 low ball.

Sep 25, 2015 mplain

You cannot use General Store to attach The Pack Awakens to the town square.

Oct 04, 2015 VoidDragon

Any eXplanation on that? It's a spell and it attaches. Both requirements for the store.

Oct 04, 2015 arythanel

You can only attach totems to locations you control --so you would need Highbinder to attach to town square.

Oct 04, 2015 mplain

@VoidDragon there's a rule that allows attaching goods and spells to booted dudes in uncontrolled locations, if you're attaching through a card effect. This rule doesn't apply to Totems, because you're not attaching them to dudes.