Abominable Scientists

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Zeetoois 116

Fourth Ring gadgets? Let's give this a go!

The obvious point of this deck is to get The Wretched out as soon as possible. Or, better yet, two! Use Margaret and/or Valeria to ace Pagliaccio to bring him in! The Brute can also be sacrificed to the same effect, especially if you aren't feeling any shootout pressure from your opponent.

Soul Cagecan be used to bring back a variety of abominations, particularly Pag and the Brute, who can be used to bring in more Wretcheds or soak up casualties in a shootout. Worst case scenario? You never use it because your opponent never cheats, meaning you'll most likely be winning more shootouts. NTB can help with a shootout gone wrong (and works very well with Undertaker, which I run 2 of), or you can use it to ace a cheap abomination for some quick GR (extra w/ Undertaker out) when you need it. Slap down a couple of Vitality Tonics on your starting scientists to make them abominations (lowering Ivor's cost), and keeping them from being aced--without them, you've got no way to get The Wretched or your other gadgets out. You can even use the tonic's experimental ability to unboot them somewhat reliably when you've got a Testing Range out. And how are we paying for all these goods? Oh, the General Store fits the draw structure, and helps cut costs. I run 2 to get one out ASAP.

Dawn is off-value, but she can help if your scientists go down. And look! Eve fits both the draw structure and theme in the off-chance that you can turn Jekyll into Hyde (or vice-versa). She's the only off-value card besides Ivor, so be prepared to cheat. I personally don't like what Devil's Jokers can do to me in lowball, so I run regular jokers--but those can be easily switched out according to your local meta.

As always, thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.