Drill Baby Drill

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goreshde 467

This deck went 4-1 in a tournament in its original version. I then tweaked it and it went 3-0 in another tournament.

At its core it's a 4th Ring control deck with economic elements to slow my opponent down. As I ramp up my deeds and control abilities my opponent can't afford to expand and I eventually win without having them accomplishing much. I played more games than had shootouts and was able to drill 5 deeds between those two tournaments.
MVPs (other than paralyses mark and blood curse) Tummy Twister plus phantasm. Phantasm did a lot of work for me. Moving people around to clear out drill path ways or at least making them boot to get someplace worth being was great. Phantasming people into Tummy Twister thought was its main goal and it worked really well. Getting double Tummy Twister attached against someone's best dude turn 1 was the highlight of the first tournament. This is a Holdup! was fantastic. Every time someone played Jackson Strike I tried to camp it to stop its production and then used its two production against them. The final game of the 3-0 tournament I stole 8 GH through the course of the game crippling my opponent.

Better than I thought Backroom Deals worked well for me. In about half my games I was able to take someone over. After enough tummy twisters on a dude my opponent would have to no pay the upkeep. This was always a win more move though and every time it happened I felt like I was going to win that turn regardless. That is not why I liked it though. I liked it because it cycled through my hand fast. No Grifter sucks. At least when I drew this card while mining for deeds or hexes I could play it right away to save myself some money and more importantly have 1 less card in my hand. I thought I was going to hate this card but it worked surprisingly well for me.

Low Lights The Pharmacy oh how I hate you when I run marks. In a couple games I had the money to play it but would not because I was afraid my opponent would take it over.
No Travis. My one loss came from a game where I did not draw a deed or a hex until I had gone though my entire deck once. I had lost the game by that point. I realize no grifter means I will lose a game like this once in awhile, but I don't see a way to make him work with my starting lineup. In general the deck felt a little dude light as well.

The big question is "Do I have to run the drill?" No. You could easily have a better starting lineup and the ability to guarantee all your hexes fire if you choose not to play with the drill. The deck would probably be better off without it, but it is so enjoyable to watch someone's deed with a totem get taken off the board. It also really puts your opponent is funny situations with shadow walks if they are going to commit to protecting themselves against the drill. At the very least if they have money to protect themselves you can drill to make them spend a little of it. Without the drill you still have plenty of economic control, but with it you have the ability take away their progress not just slow it down. Remember you can drill your own deed to send their people camping it back home booted. Take that ancestor spirit tokens hanging out my bunkhouse.

Oct 28, 2015 Woody

I like the look of this deck. Can't wait to play against it.

Nov 16, 2015 Antaiseito

Looks really fun with the drill and Twister :D