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jaythejester 460

The pieces of the puzzle have started coming together. I present, the techno slide.

Landslide, you've seen them before, but not with technology. This deck of course does not shoot, but It is possible to pull a straight flush. Starting crew also includes Marty. Trade Marty to Specks, plays ranches and out of town deeds for 3 less, can unboot like crazy with home ability, marty, and after you play the currency press.

Currency press gets traded to Eustace, who discards it to move, and draw cards. Xemo cycles cards you don't want at the moment, and gives influence, for free! Asyncoil + Mech Horse threatens low value dudes with influence hanging on your deeds, often scaring them home. Miasmatic Purifier should come in only for late game push for control points. Force fields offer some protection, or can go on the offensive if you have ghost rock burning a hole in your pocket, and have a dude you are willing to discard if need be (or Dr. Brian) Don't forget to use R&D Ranch and Secured Stockyard as often as you can.

Dream combo, J.W. Byrnes + Elander Boldman + Asyncil Byrnes would discard dudes value 7 or lower.

Jan 25, 2016 jaythejester

Wanted to add that originally this started Jake instead of the professor. Not starting the professor is safer for ghost rock if you have a bad starting hand but you lose the combo early on. Testing will tell.

Jan 26, 2016 DoomDog

If you can find room for a Stone Idol (perhaps drop a horse?), that could make the J.W./Elander combo even more threatening.

Jan 31, 2016 kollatt

this deck seems like a hoot! great ideas here.

Feb 01, 2016 jaythejester

I've posted an updated version on Techno slide v2 and included reasons for specific card changes.

Feb 01, 2016 kollatt

yeah i actually saw that after i commented. i played around with it tonight and it was super fun and silly watching it go off. i fear a quick kidnappin' on specks with marty attached would have made me a sad panda, but it's definitely got something going. way more fun than a traditional slide :]

Feb 06, 2016 Gambler777

If you're going to be engaging in shootouts, I feel like including A Slight Modification x4 in this deck is still completely worth the risk of possibly losing dudes/deeds by pulling it, at roughly the same odds of failing skill pulls for Xemo's Turban and the Miasmatic Purifiers. It's a bacon saver.

Conversely, if you're avoiding shootouts, having x4 of Buried Treasure or Rumors would probably be more beneficial to the deck than gadgets with shootout abilites. A combo of Blight Serum and Tummy Twister could also give you means of "defending" deeds without having to commit dudes to them.