[Moscow OP5 Winner] Abominable

published May 22, 2016 | | |
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Oddities 10+Q+K (4th OCTGN League - 2nd place) 5 7 6

mplain 1642

We had a tournament today in Moscow, with 8 participants.

The field was: 3x Law Dogs, 1x Morgan Cattle Co., 1x Morgan Gadgetarium, 1x Den of Thieves, 1x 106 Worldly Desires.

We played 5 rounds of Swiss plus the finals. Both me and @gozik went throung the Swiss undefeated by other players. He was playing Law Dogs (core). The game we played against each other was very close, but I managed to win by tiebreakers. In the finals the game was more in my favor, so I got the playmat :)

I haven't been playing Doomtown for a month or so, mostly shifted to AGOT, but before that I managed to buy three kits, so we had to play some tournaments :)

I didn't know what deck to take, but I had my three old decks: Oddities, Flying Zombies, and 108 Good Stuff. Two of my friends, who haven't been playing for a long time, asked me to bring them some decks, so I took all three, and we drafted them randomly - I got Oddities.

We played with errata to HLF, Paralysis Mark, and Ivor Hawley XP - that nerf was unexpected for me, but it didn't really make the deck much weaker.

We had a deckbuilding restriction of no more that 16 deeds in the deck - we are not fans of landslide here. Rounds were 45 minutes, when time was called we played the last round to the end.

The first tiebreaker was Control poins total (not Control + Influence), then Influence. If you won by 3+ CP you got 3 victory point, if you won by less than 3 CP then you got 2 points and your opponent got 1. This tiebreaker system didn't favor Oddities, who generally have a lot of influence but struggle with contesting deeds, but I still managed to win.

If you're interested in how the deck works, check out The Wretched Circle

I swapped 2x Takin' for 2x NTB, and that card actually won the the game against gozik. I also used to play some control/initiation cards in this deck (1x Puppet + 1x Kidnappin'), but I expected the meta to be more aggressive without clowntrol and slide, so I dropped those cards for a couple Suns.

It's a fun deck, try it out :)

May 22, 2016 baltazar

Grats! You really deserve this victory ;)

May 23, 2016 Chainsawsb

Very similar to the deck I am running currently! I tried out Ol' Howard and that was underwhelming, but my new experiment is Essence of Armitage and new Tyx. It's been working out quite well!

May 23, 2016 mplain

I can see Essence of Armitage being useful, but substituting even a single Ivor with Tyx?! Blasphemy!

May 24, 2016 Chainsawsb

I know right? I will probably eventually go back to Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) but I wanted to use Tyxarglenak (Exp.1) because he looks so cool haha

May 31, 2016 bithlord

What would you do if a new player, or an out of town player, showed up with a deck with more than 16 deeds in it?

House rule bans for op events really bother me :/

Jun 04, 2016 InvertedGuard

Random question, @mplain do you prefer game of thrones to doomtown?

Jun 04, 2016 mplain

@InvertedGuardI mostly quit Doomtown and playing only Thrones now, except for an occasional tournament that I need to host to get rid of all the kits that I've already bought :)